Handwritten note from one of the baseball players I recently coached

Wow… a handwritten note! Brycen points out how important the coach is to a player’s decision to continue to play. Another season with a coach that made him afraid to swing the bat and Brycen might have decided not to play baseball again. My ultimate measure of a successful season is if the players want to play again the following season. Not only did Brycen come back the next season, he and his parents also requested to play on the team I coached.

Goey Mueller of Flag Football Fanatics, One of the Largest NFL-Affiliated Flag Football Leagues in US

Hustle and Attitude is very thorough in their passion to educate and prepare coaches for all the challenges that come along with coaching today’s athlete. I can’t articulate enough how much Hustle and Attitude helped prepare our coaches for the upcoming season. We are excited to continue our work with H&A for many seasons to come.

BCNaz Kidz Coaching Clinic Comments

The following are comments from participants in the December 10th Beavercreek Church of the Nazarene Kidz Basketball coaching clinic:

  • “The Hustle & Attitude philosophy seems to be a great concept for children’s sports.”
  • “Really good for coaches who are not basketball people or first time coaches.”
  • “Best coaches meeting I’ve seen.  Great organization for the meeting.  Well thought out and a good presentation.”
  • “Encouraging to see this information emphasized with these age groups.”
  • “Excellent.  Probably most beneficial to first-time coaches, but good for everyone.”

Tom Kehl – father of Jason, who I coached in soccer and baseball

“Hustle and Attitude” changed my son’s approach and outlook to youth athletics. My oldest son, Jason, played one season of baseball with Coach Millette. At 11 years old, Jason was athletic, but still trying to figure out how to contribute to the team. Coach Millette made it very simple for him. He clearly explained that there were several things in baseball out of his control, and he needed to not worry about those. Instead, focus on the things you could control. Jason asked what those were, and Coach Millette simply answered “hustle and attitude”. Those two things he explained would take him far in sports, and in life. Six years later, Jason is the starting varsity quarterback and varsity catcher, to a great extent the result of his work ethic. I attribute a great deal of this success to Coach Millette’s positive coaching philosophy. He has had a tremendous influence on my son’s development and ultimate success.

Arvin Nanda – father of Drew, a player I coached in flag football

(In an e-mail during one of our flag football seasons)

I know that the boys have not won much this year, but we fully support how you do things.  Drew won almost every game last year and was not happy most of the time.  He has been happier losing with you as a coach than he was winning last year.

Josette & I appreciate the manner in which you coach regardless of the outcome of the game.  Drew will never be a professional football player, but under your tutelage he has a better chance to be a fine young man.

Thanks for what you do.

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