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Millette Boys2

My name is Chad Millette.  I am the father of twin boys who have played recreational sports since they were 6.  I coached virtually every season they played, including 7 soccer seasons, 7 baseball seasons, 4 flag football seasons, and 2 basketball seasons.  They are in high school and have school coaches now.

I grew up playing Little League baseball and AYSO soccer.  I had great adult coaches – including my father – that showed me that learning the fundamentals of the sport contributed greatly to being able to successfully play the sport…and have fun doing it.  I played high school football, baseball, and a season of junior varsity soccer.  My high school coaches were examples as well – both positive and negative.  They taught me about benefits of organization and the pitfalls of favoritism.  While in college, I was heavily involved in the intramural sports department.  I started officiating flag football, basketball, and soccer.  I progressed to being the site coordinator supervising the officials of those sports and eventually the coordinator responsible for planning and scheduling those sports as well as scheduling and training officials and supervising the site coordinators.  Finally, I also spent a semester as an intern assisting with the entire intramural sports department.  My intramural experience reminded me of the benefits of recreational sports that had been instilled in me during my youth sports experiences,


  • 1990-1994:  Referee, Sports Assistant, Sport Coordinator, Intern University of Arizona Intramural Sports Department
  • 1997 Assistant Coach Albuquerque (New Mexico) Little League
  • 2002-2003:  Assistant Coach Huber Heights (Ohio) Youth Soccer
  • 2002 Manager Huber Heights (Ohio) Little League Baseball
  • 2005-2009 El Segundo (California) Little League Coach (1x) and Manager (3x); Soccer Coach (4x); Basketball Assistant Coach (2x)
  • 2010-2013 Beavercreek (Ohio) Youth Soccer Assistant Coach (1x); Manager Kettering (Ohio) and Beavercreek (Ohio) baseball (1x); Coach Beavercreek (Ohio) Flag Football Fanatics (5x)

Coaching Clinics

  • December 2015 – BCNaz Kidz Basketball League
  • August 2016 – Flag Football Fanatics Fall Season
  • December 2016 – BCNaz Kidz Basketball League
  • March 2017 – Flag Football Fanatics Spring Season
  • August 2017 – Flag Football Fanatics Fall Season
2011 Flag Football Champions

You can contact me at hustleandattitude@gmail.com

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