Inclusion & Patience: Coaching Children with Special Needs

“Lenny Levine was a great kindergarten teacher. And he ran his class by this one rule. It means that if another kid comes along, you need to include them in your game. That’s it.” Seth Godin in his You Can’t Say You Can’t Play blog post Recall that a key aspect of the Hustle andContinue reading “Inclusion & Patience: Coaching Children with Special Needs”

Helpful Website for Parents & Coaches On Youth Sports Concussions

I recently found a helpful website for parents and coaches interested in more information about concussions and youth sports. I have previously written a great deal about how the risk of concussion in youth football is affecting parents’ decisions about their child playing football and could put the very future of the sport at risk.Continue reading “Helpful Website for Parents & Coaches On Youth Sports Concussions”

Long-Time Partner Donates to Hamlin’s Charity

I have been providing coaching clinics for the Ohio-based Flag Football Fanatics for several years now. I characterize our relationship as more of a partnership…they’re my only true clinic client (currently) and every season, they rely on me to prepare their coaches. In preparing for the upcoming spring season clinics, I visited their website andContinue reading “Long-Time Partner Donates to Hamlin’s Charity”