Inclusion & Patience: Coaching Children with Special Needs

“Lenny Levine was a great kindergarten teacher. And he ran his class by this one rule. It means that if another kid comes along, you need to include them in your game. That’s it.” Seth Godin in his You Can’t Say You Can’t Play blog post Recall that a key aspect of the Hustle andContinue reading “Inclusion & Patience: Coaching Children with Special Needs”

Adults Behaving Badly

In my coaching clinics, I show the slide above. The voice track is about when I was asked a while ago, “What makes me righteously angry?” My response was that I get righteously angry when a child stops playing youth sports because of a bad experience with an adult. Notice the statistic from a 2001Continue reading “Adults Behaving Badly”

How Not to Build Fair Teams in Youth Sports

Our 2022 Little League Baseball season is off to a rocky start. This is my first year managing in the Majors Division (for 11 and 12-year olds) and we’ve lost all 7 games. Along the way, we’ve been outscored 110 – 9. You read that right. Our run differential is -101 runs. We’ve been run-ruledContinue reading “How Not to Build Fair Teams in Youth Sports”