Youth Sports All Stars – How Do You Pick?

I recently was tasked to choose players from my team to be candidates for the League’s all star team.  You might wonder given my philosophy, whether I think there should even be all stars in a recreational league.  If done correctly, I think selecting all stars, recognizing them, and having them play additional games isContinue reading “Youth Sports All Stars – How Do You Pick?”

Motivating Youth Athletes – You Need More than One Tool in Your Toolbox

I recently had an incident where I was a little too hard on one of my players. It turns out this is his first year playing baseball. He’s played other sports and is clearly athletic. He’s also very coachable. At practice, however, I got on him for not running out a ball he hit. Technically,Continue reading “Motivating Youth Athletes – You Need More than One Tool in Your Toolbox”

Making Youth Baseball Line-Ups Part II

Last fall, I posted about making youth baseball line-ups. This morning, as I was making the line-up for our first game of the season – OPENING DAY, BABY! – I thought of additional recommendations. Here’s how I started the line-up: I start with the template of all the positions down the left-hand column including that,Continue reading “Making Youth Baseball Line-Ups Part II”