Teaching – My Favorite Part of Coaching Youth Sports

Youth recreational sports coaches wear many hats – leader, organizer, motivator, counselor, and my favorite:  Teacher.  It is also one of the more important roles a coach plays.  The coach teaches the rules, the skills, and the tactics of the game.  While doing so, a good coach also teaches compassion and discipline.  Recently, I recognizedContinue reading “Teaching – My Favorite Part of Coaching Youth Sports”

Coaching and COVID-19

All aspects of our lives have been impacted by the Coronavirus, including youth sports. Many states canceled youth sports for the spring and then eventually the summer. Here in Goodyear, Arizona youth baseball was suspended in March at the height of the national response to the virus. The league my niece plays in restarted twoContinue reading “Coaching and COVID-19”

Book Review – Coaching for the Love of the Game by Jennifer Etnier

I recently finished reading a really good book about youth sports coaching, Coaching for the Love of the Game – A Practical Guide for Working with Young Athletes┬áby Dr. Jennifer Etnier, a professor of kinesiology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The title and description of the book had me thinking that maybeContinue reading “Book Review – Coaching for the Love of the Game by Jennifer Etnier”