California high school football team uses Guardian Cap

I received an e-mail today from the Guardian Cap folks  that included a link to a story  about the San Lorenzo Valley High football team wearing their over-the-helmet protective pad.

I’ve posted before before about how we sent our son back to the JV football team with the Guardian Cap after his second concussion.  I am sharing this story because apparently the governing body of California high school football allows the Guardian Cap to be worn in games. We were told that Ohio wouldn’t allow them in a game because wearing one would invalidate the helmet’s warranty.  Since the majority of hits happen in practice; we were OK with him only wearing the Guardian at practice.

However, seeing that other states are allowing them in games, I think Ohio should consider allowing the Guardian (or other protective equipment) to be worn during games.

Published by Chad Millette

I am a father, a husband, a retired Air Force officer, and a dedicated youth recreational sports advocate.

One thought on “California high school football team uses Guardian Cap

  1. Agreed! For the sake of maintaining their ability to play the sport of their choice long term, players, parents, coaches need to balance safety with performance. This perspective is normally slanted with safety taking a backseat to performance. “Less gear is faster” type thinking. We need to change our thinking if we want to protect our kids from early injuries that would preclude a scholastic career and potentially beyond from ever happening.


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