I’m Taking a Break!

I know, I know; it seems like I just got back from a break as I just published my first post in over a month, what do I mean I'm taking a break?  Well, I had that Let Them Play review teed up and needed to get it done.  But, what I am really excited about for … Continue reading I’m Taking a Break!

Let Them Play – a Spiritual Youth Sports Book for Parents

I came across Jerry Lynch's book Let Them Play while attending the 2017 Aspen Institute Project Play Summit.  I can't recall just how I came across it, but it was recommended such that I ordered it as soon as I got home.  I just finished it.  My bottom line on the book is that is a … Continue reading Let Them Play – a Spiritual Youth Sports Book for Parents

‘Old School’ Coaching

I revisited a tweet from our friends at Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) and it got my angst up.  Back in September, PCA tweeted about being mentioned in a San Diego Times Union Tribune article about 'Old School' coaching.  Although the article is about high school coaches, I think there are some aspects that apply to … Continue reading ‘Old School’ Coaching

Praising Young Athletes – It’s About the Effort

I recently read good advice on the do's and don'ts of praising children in the Dayton Daily News.  Dr. Greg Ramey, the executive director of Dayton Children's Hospital's Pediatric Center for Mental Health Resources, offers six tips to be mindful of when praising children.  Youth sports coaches would be wise to keep these in mind … Continue reading Praising Young Athletes – It’s About the Effort